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Opinions Ryan's in Picayune (39466)

Reviewed by Lee J.
Ryan's is really difficult to reach by phone. Do not waste your time trying to reach them. For this reason we will spend our dollars at Applebees. We can get answers from them before dining at their restaurant. Do Ryan's want your business?

Opinions Costco in Waterbury (06705)

Reviewed by Constance A.
I have always enjoyed shopping at Costco . Have been shopping ever since Costco came to Connecticut . Yesterday (11-17-17 ) I asked an associate for help as I was looking for a specific color of blanket . I was told if I couldn't shop by myself , " Then I should have an aide " I was taken aback... read more

Opinions Costco in Manassas (20109)

Reviewed by Genevieve K.
Why does Costco not answer phone calls?

Opinions Target in Fort Lauderdale (33323)

Reviewed by Maria helena R.
eu amo essa loja estou indo aí no dia 20/11.

Opinions Costco in Homestead (15120)

Reviewed by Marilyn Z.
In a long lifetime of shopping, I have never encountered a more helpful employee than Stacey, the assistant front end manager. She overheard my comment about being unable to find a product, identified the product and spent MUCH time and energy to finally track down the few remaining items available in the store. She arrived after checkout breathless but successful... read more

Opinions Albertsons in Morro Bay (93442)

Reviewed by Alexis T.
The Starbucks sucks here! Went two days in a row and the employee was super rude and lazy! She had the nerve to say “ugh” and make comments like “I hope your not gonna order a frappe” TWO DAYS IN A ROW. And you don’t turn off your drink machines 20 minutes before close time!!! lazy ass!!!! I believe her... read more

Opinions Kmart in Mason City (50401)

Reviewed by Jon A.
Mason city kmart is awesome i just went there yesterday and got some Christmas shopping done

Opinions Albertsons in Henderson (89044)

Reviewed by Connie G.
When will NATHAN'S FRENCH FRIES ret to the bicentennial location. When you had them you couldn't keep them stocked

Opinions Costco in Santa Rosa (95407)

Reviewed by David E.
don't try the phone, unless you want to wait for a hang up

Opinions Walmart in Gettysburg (17325)

Reviewed by Sherry R.
This is a decent store. I've been going here for the past 7 years, since we moved into the area. Most employees have been there 7 years! The only thing I wish would change, I wish they could get a full grocery section, so I wouldn't have to travel to Carlisle for my grocery items.

Opinions GNC in New York City (10018)

Reviewed by Lee E.
Knowledgable and friendly staff. Love this store - I get my GNC Lean shakes there (lost 50 lbs) maintained goal for 2 years. Always convenient for me, and always a pleasure to go (for vitamins as well)!

Opinions Dairy Queen in Baytown (77521)

Reviewed by Perez S.
Rude and Very unprofessional workers.

Opinions Costco in Albany (97321)

Reviewed by Fort C.
satisfactory service and buying options; we have always been treated fairly. no over the top sales pitches, etc. Returns handled as promised.

Opinions Kmart in Stevens Point (54481)

Reviewed by Nancy C.
Sad it closing in Stevens Point WI.

Opinions Walgreens in Gig Harbor (98332)

Reviewed by Julie W.
WORST drive thru service EVER! Do NOT use EVER unless you want to wait 15 minutes PER car in front of you! !!! Don't do it.

Opinions Costco in Citrus Heights (95621)

Reviewed by Norma C. Brahe B.
My personal opinion is that you hire me. I have a degree, love working with people and follow orders like a well trained puppy dog. I submitted my application, on line - twice and in person. Norma Brahe. 916- 500-1776. This is my honest opinion.

Opinions Kmart in Mount Pleasant (29464)

Reviewed by KAREN S.
I grew up Kmart girl .was disappointed to see lot of them have closed. the closes one to me now is 2hrs away.AND WE'LL WORTH MY GAS AND TIME. THANK YOU.

Opinions Costco in Clifton (07014)

Reviewed by Maria V.
On October 30 2017 I was told at the cash register at the Clifton Costco that I could not charge two separate orders on my member card. I was told. by the Manager that it is the new rule that I can no longer charge separate purchases/it was 1 item/at the same time. This new policy is inconvenient. There should... read more

Opinions Costco in Eugene (97408)

Reviewed by Gail L.
Your pharmacy is unreliable. I call in a prescription and they tell me they need to get approval first. First, NO REQUEST FOR APPROVAL WAS EVER SENT FOR APPROVAL. THIS IS 100% BAD SERVICE!!!!!

Opinions Pearle Vision in East Elmhurst (11370)

Reviewed by Hector A.
VERY BAD SERVICES. I dropped a frame with a prescription and after made me wait for over a month, they I have to throw away the glasses that they made for me, then they offered me a pair of reading glasses that I had to throw away , very sloppy job. I give then 1 start because there is not... read more

Opinions Costco in Fremont (94538)

Reviewed by BK W.
A few days back while returning some merchandise at Costco, Fremont I mentioned to the customer service representative (Ryan Mestas) that the previous week we possibly had left a chocolate box at the counter. Ryan checked up and advised that no package was left. However as a special case (on a one time basis) he gave free box of chocolate.... read more

Opinions Walmart in East Falmouth (02536)

Reviewed by Alyssa H.
Toy section is very limited not a big selection at all.i thought maybe it was the times we went but shelves are almost empty Everytime we go, But store over all store is always very tidy and clean and the displays are very nice.

Opinions Best Wedding Ideas Photography and Cinematography in New York City (10028)

Reviewed by Morton M.
Hello! I want to share my impressions of working with a professional and most importantly affordable low-price photographer Michael King whom I found in New York! Everything went fine, the photos were excellent and very stylish! Inexpensive and high quality! I advise everyone!

Opinions Albertsons in Grants Pass (97527)

Reviewed by Richard M.
I think this is the best supermarket in Grants Pass. Your store is always well stocked, your staff is pleasant, and very helpful. Pleasure to shop at Albertson's Allen Creek Grants Pass

Opinions Popeyes in Slidell (70461)

Reviewed by Catherine L.
I am at the Popeyes on Gause in Slidell. I’ve been to Popeyes all over the south and the employees at this store are the friendliest I’ve ever had. Smiling, cheerful people. They should be commended

Opinions GNC in Philadelphia (19104)

Reviewed by Denise B.
I will start shopping at another health store because of the female manager at this GNC store at the amtrak station. Her name is Diamond. She is SO VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. I did make a call to their corporate office, but they did NOTHING to correct her. So I will have to take my business elsewhere maybe to the Vitamin Shoppe.

Opinions Bangla News in Rectortown (20140)

Reviewed by Moksed M.
Bangla news is one of the most oldest and popular news media site, has been serving Bengali Community for more than eight years. We are grateful to all of our audiences for being with us for long time. Our journey is to provide a great experience for our visitors, so that they can read all Bangla newspapers, all Bangla magazines and all other Bangla news media in one place! We are happy to... read more

Opinions Jersey Mike's Subs in Columbus (43240)

Reviewed by Jay B.
I called because the online order system isn't working. They promised to honor my online coupon and after I drive all the way there they said that would not. The person I spoke to on the phone refused to come to the front and talk to me. Kristi lied and said she was the manager and that the other girl... read more

Opinions Walmart in Union City (94587)

Reviewed by Mesake S.
Loved the store, prices are very low and very good stuff. Just need a little help. Bought iPhone 6 recently but need to get it unlocked. Can you help in this regards.

Opinions Albertsons in Albuquerque (87111)

Reviewed by J H.
Looking forward to a fantastic seafood boil tonight. Unfortunately, the crab legs and crawfish bought here today were inedible!

Opinions Statesman Journal in Salem (97301)

Reviewed by Brian W.
Yesterday 10/15/17, I came home after working Night shift and found my front window broken. The carrier throws it on my porch rather then putting it in the BIG REF SJ DELIVERY BOX.. So I call the ONLY number they give on website 1800.... the lady told me some one would call me, Come out and take care of it...... read more

Opinions Journeys in Fort Smith (72903)

Reviewed by Gramlich J.
Very disappointed. I purchased a pair of shoes at Journeys Kidz at Fort Smith Central Mall on October 12th, around 6:00PM, and the sales women was way too pushy with other products, and would not take no for an answer. Told me if I did not buy it that my shoes would be yellow within a few days and I... read more

Opinions Pearle Vision in Nottingham (21236)

Reviewed by Chong R.
Great Dr. Daniel Hunsicker, friendly staffs & excellent frame selections!

Opinions Best Buy in Greensboro (27407)

Reviewed by Charles V.
Store trying to get help sucks what poor salesmanship

Opinions Costco in Louisville (80027)

Reviewed by Mike S.
This Costco has been badly Managed and are NOT Customer service oriented!! Why does a Public owned company need to do anything? The manager John said what's the difference? Rather if a Mom and Pop shop they would be more friendly. But they have your membership money and when you have a flat at 5;15 pm and they close at... read more

Opinions Best Buy in Kalispell (59901)

Reviewed by Jerry G.
I have been waiting for you to answer your phone for 25 minutes with no results! I have since found another source for the products that I would normally buy from you. In the future you might want to answere your phone or lost business from my friends and family.

Opinions Popeyes in Moreno Valley (92555)

Reviewed by Sweet H.
Absolutely horrible service at the Day St location. Not recommended at all!

Opinions Walmart in Yelm (98597)

Reviewed by Dale J.
I went in there a couple nights ago around 6 pm to get hot food. I wanted just a pound until I was told that the poppers were over 2 hours sitting there. The person name was Nate I asked him if he can get me a pound of fresh poppers he told me no the fryers are turned off... read more

Opinions Statesman Journal in Salem (97301)

Reviewed by Michael H.
No paper again (Thursday Oct. 5) . It is getting to be a common event. Cannot talk to a human being on the phone, just a recording.

Opinions Zumiez in Saint Peters (63376)

Reviewed by Savana M.
Love the workers and the clothes they are the shit!

Opinions CARQUEST in Antigo (54409)

Reviewed by Audra T.
This place is a joke and I will never go there again because they guy hung up on me because I was trying to explain to him that he probably shouldn’t tell his coustumers that he is car quest when he is advanced auto parts.

Opinions Statesman Journal in Salem (97301)

Reviewed by Wayne H.
Have had a problem several times receiving TV Weekly magazine on Sundays . Have made appropriate phone calls, (very time consuming) and have tried to speak with a director of circulation but cannot get a copy if it wasn't delivered at the same time my paper came. I will be making some changes.

Opinions Best Buy in Jacksonville (32256)

Reviewed by DAN I.
Billy the sales person was not honest with me and provide very poor customer service if you read this review I would recommend to walk away from the store and go to a regular Best Buy store because these guys just want your money and they will do and say everything to get sell very rude

Opinions Statesman Journal in Salem (97301)

Reviewed by Hal F.
Terrible delivery service! Have called 800# many time and no results. This week we have received 3 papers And have not received 7 days in row for 6 months

Opinions Costco in Avon (44011)

Reviewed by Karin Crivel C.
Infuriating to try and get ahold of someone there. Why isn't there a customer service oltion at least. Calledv3 times and one big unhelpful loop.

Opinions Macy's in Baytown (77521)

Reviewed by Bob A.
They won't even answer the phone

Opinions Physicians Email List, List of Physician in USA in Irving (75039)

Reviewed by Lauren W.
Get customized email list as per your business needs.

Opinions Statesman Journal in Salem (97301)

Reviewed by Mary S.
Unable to reach a PERSON; the recording goes on and on! PLEASE DISCONTINUE my subscription to the SJ. Thank you. Mary Smith, 503-910-7111. Address: 6378 Crenshaw Dr.N, Keizer, OR 97303.

Opinions Car Keys Philadelphia in Philadelphia (19132)

Reviewed by Hayden J.
Car Key Philadelphia provides the best auto locksmith service and I would recommend them

Opinions Costco in Manassas (20109)

Reviewed by Alan H.
We purchased a set of 45 gallon plastic storage bins and found after returning home that they lacked one handle. Item Number: 706493

Opinions Car Keys Philadelphia in Philadelphia (19132)

Reviewed by Alice D.
Car key Philadelphia has the best hard working team and they are very co-operative with their customers. I really appreciate it

Opinions Car Keys Philadelphia in Philadelphia (19132)

Reviewed by Caroline J.
I have many Car Locksmith Services in my town but Car Key Philadelphia is what I found the best. Keep up the good work guys

Opinions Garage Door Repair in Los Angeles (90032)

Reviewed by Jery P.
Hello, How are you? Hope you are fine. I have been checking your website quite often. It has seen that the main keywords are still not in top 10 rank. You know things of working; I mean the procedure of working has changed a lot. So I would like to have opportunity to work for you and this time we... read more

Opinions Stop & Shop in Peabody (01960)

Reviewed by Gina T.
I went to the Peabody location in the deli clerk there is a women who is very friendly and I only like her to cut my deli because she does it right for me she is the best Her name is Linda and she should be rewarded

Opinions Costco in Commack (11725)

Reviewed by Judy S.
Why doesn't Costco have a 10 items or less checkout? I only get a few things and refuse to stand in those lines where customers have their carts full. I'd rather shop elsewhere

Opinions Petco in Slidell (70458)

Reviewed by Becky Stevens Behrens B.
Rebecca in the aquatics department was very patient and helpful. She has a lot of knowledge and experience and was able to find a solution to our problem. She also tested our aquarium water for free, which is a service I believe all Petco stores offer.

Opinions Kmart in Chico (95926)

Reviewed by Lorie D.
I was just in Kmart in Chico Ca. I was so irritated I decided to write in hopes corporate would read this. First of all there was shopping carts all over the parking lot. Not in the shopping cart areas. Garbage, boxes and trash were in several of them. I walked in and six carts were in the store. There... read more

Opinions Costco in Yakima (98903)

Reviewed by Doug H.
Great big store, on par with Costco in Long Beach, CA. Lots of crowds and chaos, customers and staff not happy, couldn't wait to get done.

Opinions Kmart in Williamsburg (23185)

Reviewed by Kaitlyn S.
I love Kmart Jordan was my cashier and was very patient and sweet and made it enjoyable for me to come back.

Opinions Kendall iphone repair in Miami (33193)

Reviewed by Kendall I.
kendall iphone repair test
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