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Opinions Rec Warehouse in Norcross (30093)

Reviewed by Jack I.
This business has an "F" rating at the BBB for good reason. You can review the complaints for yourself. My story is that I paid them over $12,000 for a hot tub which they never delivered and so far have refused to refund my money. Having to take them to court. If you shop here, pay with a credit card... read more

Opinions GNC in Meridian (39301)

Reviewed by ANITA D. HARROLD N.
Going to the Bonita Lakes Mall, WAS going to shop at GNC, as many times before, however, I called 4x before going, NO ONE ANSWERED THE PHONE ! , very very disappointed in / at whoever is " running , managing , or even at THIS STORE !!!!!! UNACCEPTABLE SERVICE......VERY POOR MANAGEMENT !!! I will be ordering from a competing... read more

Opinions Albertsons in Las Vegas (89103)

Reviewed by Jj T.
Love this store. Clean, great customer service - friendly, cashiers are great.

Opinions Digital Storm SEO in Long Beach (90802)

Reviewed by Aaron M.
great seo work

Opinions Buckle in Las Vegas (89109)

Reviewed by Eleonora B.
customer service is horrible, they are annoying  more than help the customers,  they do not know what they have   and   in a  store. They offer me what I do not need and I always find what I'm looking for myself

Opinions Bob's Discount Furniture in Monroeville (15146)

Reviewed by Erin M.
My husband and I had an outstanding experience at Bob's Discount Furniture in Monroeville. Steve the Manager and Brad our sales rep. went above and beyond and made our experience extremely fun and exciting! I believe we were there for 2 or 21/2 hours. Also, Heather was training a new employee named Jay and they had us laughing the entire... read more

Opinions Statesman Journal in Salem (97301)

Reviewed by Patsy L.
You people are pathetic.. we cant get anyone on the phone and Have you seen all the people who cant either.. i heard you are never there and the computer runs the business., i went by and no one is at the office and said out of business.l what are you doing, my mom says she never gets a paper... read more

Opinions Costco in Santa Rosa (95407)

Reviewed by Anne C.
Love this Costco!

Opinions Kmart in Naperville (60563)

Reviewed by Helga S.
I need to return an order because of the wrong size

Opinions Kmart in Kokomo (46901)

Reviewed by Zak S.
after spending 2 hours shopping then standing in line 30 min only to find out cash only no debit or credit cards accepted computer is down they could put up a sign that is if they cared about customers

Opinions Cici's Pizza in Watertown (13601)

Reviewed by Don L.
Good Pizza,but no coffee available,keep telling us management want to please,so far no coffee,soon be time to eat somewhere else.

Opinions RadioShack in Farmville (23901)

Reviewed by Beth G.
Please remove the telephone number 434-392-5044 from this website. It is now my number and I get calls everyday for The Radio Shack that is closed.

Opinions Best Buy in Dubuque (52002)

Reviewed by Carol Kopp K.
Crazy, I can’t call and talk to a person! My salesperson did not give me a card so I don’t have an extension. All I get is “go to website”. I can’t use my email account too old? Help! What kind of customer service is this?Horrible!!! I don’t know what a person would do without internet. Don’t go to Best... read more

Opinions Kmart in Beaverton (97005)

Reviewed by Deanne B.
I showed up 15 minutes before closing to get one item and was refused service because they were "closing." This is why no one shops here anymore! You have terrible employees, it's dirty, and you're over priced. I will never set foot in your store again.

Opinions A.C. Moore in Voorhees (08043)

Reviewed by JOYCE F.
Great customer service, was there 12/06/17 in pm. Had a list, a young man named Michael offered assistance and showed me where everything was located. I drive past Michael's on way to AC Moore because of the great customer service.

Opinions Sam's Club in Wausau (54401)

Reviewed by Elizabeth P.
I’m not happy I live 90 miles from the nearest Sams Club and there fore only get there once a year. It is a 180 round trip shopping day. My friend and I wanted to come and shop just before Christmas and were more then willing to pay the extra 10% because a membership was something we just would not... read more

Opinions Sephora in Grandville (49418)

Reviewed by Leatha W.
I have always been very happy with my service at this Sephora location!! Everyone has always been friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I'd recommend this store to anyone looking to update their look or to find products in one location.

Opinions Zumiez in Tacoma (98409)

Reviewed by John R.
I love shopping here specially when Britney was there to help me ???? I wish i could ask her # LOLOL

Opinions 99 Ranch Market in Carrollton (75006)

Reviewed by Angry C.
Today, all the best feeling accumulated in many years about the 99 Ranch Market crashed in my mind. I finally saw the worst management team in this store...

Opinions Walmart in White Plains (10601)

Reviewed by MARQUIS S.
Nobody seems to know when they will get the Patty label sweet potato pies in.

Opinions Steak 'n Shake in Apopka (32703)

Reviewed by Gary S.
Very slow service , low to fair quality food , and inexperienced workers led to a terrible dining experience .

Opinions Walmart in Kapolei (96707)

Reviewed by B A.
Can’t believe it’s the Holiday Season & one cashier...long line in the self check out too. I’ve been standing in line for 15 minutes....terrible. Asked an associate...reply...short handed. Manager need to step it up.

Opinions Costco in Houston (77055)

Reviewed by Heydari S.
I am a Costco shopper and lover, unfortunately my daughter and I saw a big rat ???? inside the Costco at bunker Hill store near to the chips area and we reported to the manager and the intersting part is that they are aware of it. Why they don’t catch it?

Opinions Walmart in Tuckerton (08087)

Reviewed by Patricia C.
I started an order which included a Samsung Galaxy cell phone for $49.99 with #35 off for creating a new account. There were also grocery items. Now, I can't get into my account after getting help from "Honey" an agent, who helped me create an account. My password keeps getting rejected.

Opinions Popeyes in Eastpointe (48021)

Reviewed by Elaine W.
I order a five dollor special and o didn't get my potoea and I order a leg and.thigh and got.a breast,and specie and.got a regular.not happy with this at all...

Opinions Best Buy in Boulder (80301)

Reviewed by Charlie R.
tues..11/28/17 boulder BB. Sales rep Bal. worst sales person in years. Unconcerned, marginally helpfull, acted as if I was a bother to him and he was just generally a jerk. He should be in back soldering circut boards and away from people. I wont be back!!!

Opinions Costco in Manahawkin (08050)

Reviewed by Alfonso A.
I would like to request and also some of my asIan friends, do not take off skin of your boneless pork belly. Please informed your meat provider to include the skin which is good for roasting boneless lechon in oven. I assure you that you will be running of supply of boneless pork belly if skin intact. I talk to... read more

Opinions Costco in Concord (94520)

Reviewed by Tim G.
Purchased a product online 2 wks ago product stopped working, attemped to contact customer support busy call volume requested a return call 35 mins later rang and then hung up this happened Sun. and again monday morning. All I want to do is replace the product it is a bidet model #6800.

Opinions American Furniture Warehouse in Littleton (80123)

Reviewed by Valerie Brouillard V.
We ordered a bedroom set to be delivered. They were 2 hours late then when they got here the headboard had a big hole in it. They put part of the rest of it together and 3 of the 4 drawers were broken. The bed frame is also warped so we wasted a whole day waiting for furniture we already... read more

Opinions Big Lots in Yuba City (95993)

Reviewed by Cynthia E.
The employees are always nice and helpful but at the same time they let you shop without too much intervention unless u have questions. It's alwaysclean and shelves are stocked and

Opinions Costco in Ann Arbor (48108)

Reviewed by Connie B.
The hearing department is always busy, employees there working hard to keep customers happy. Seems like more help is needed, badly. Finally, a new employee is hired and turns out to be very hard to work with and has major attitude which makes things even harder for the current staff. Please get the staffing issue under control, not acceptable.

Opinions Cici's Pizza in Streamwood (60107)

Reviewed by Michelle S.
Went to eat at 815pm and doors were locked and was told they were closed already smh

Opinions Costco in Everett (98208)

Reviewed by Linda B.
This Costco has excellent staff who are extremely helpful & friendly.Cashiers are fast also..

Opinions Steak 'n Shake in Indianapolis (46241)

Reviewed by Brandy R.
Phone not working... Employee trying to let you know that they are running late

Opinions Northridge Windshield Repair in Northridge (91324)

Reviewed by Robert M.
Great Service. My windshield was replaced by them and they did a great job. Thank you very much for such a great service. Now i ca drive my car safetly.

Opinions Statesman Journal in Salem (97301)

Reviewed by Carmen H.
I am only supposed to receive a paper on Wed. and Sun. I have been receiving a paper every day and 2 on Wed. and Sun. I reported this problem but the papers keep coming. Help!!! Then Statesman Journal with drew $ 23.60 from my checking. I am so done with Statesman Journal !!!

Opinions Western Beef in Staten Island (10304)

Reviewed by Angela A.
Thank you Western Beef Surprisingly, I won my entire groceries on Saturday. I am a regular customer sometimes I get bored for waiting in the line too long because I a senior citizen but they made my day on Saturday. Thank you very much, p

Opinions Ryan's in Picayune (39466)

Reviewed by Lee J.
Ryan's is really difficult to reach by phone. Do not waste your time trying to reach them. For this reason we will spend our dollars at Applebees. We can get answers from them before dining at their restaurant. Do Ryan's want your business?

Opinions Costco in Waterbury (06705)

Reviewed by Constance A.
I have always enjoyed shopping at Costco . Have been shopping ever since Costco came to Connecticut . Yesterday (11-17-17 ) I asked an associate for help as I was looking for a specific color of blanket . I was told if I couldn't shop by myself , " Then I should have an aide " I was taken aback... read more

Opinions Costco in Manassas (20109)

Reviewed by Genevieve K.
Why does Costco not answer phone calls?

Opinions Target in Fort Lauderdale (33323)

Reviewed by Maria helena R.
eu amo essa loja estou indo aí no dia 20/11.

Opinions Costco in Homestead (15120)

Reviewed by Marilyn Z.
In a long lifetime of shopping, I have never encountered a more helpful employee than Stacey, the assistant front end manager. She overheard my comment about being unable to find a product, identified the product and spent MUCH time and energy to finally track down the few remaining items available in the store. She arrived after checkout breathless but successful... read more

Opinions Albertsons in Morro Bay (93442)

Reviewed by Alexis T.
The Starbucks sucks here! Went two days in a row and the employee was super rude and lazy! She had the nerve to say “ugh” and make comments like “I hope your not gonna order a frappe” TWO DAYS IN A ROW. And you don’t turn off your drink machines 20 minutes before close time!!! lazy ass!!!! I believe her... read more

Opinions Kmart in Mason City (50401)

Reviewed by Jon A.
Mason city kmart is awesome i just went there yesterday and got some Christmas shopping done

Opinions Albertsons in Henderson (89044)

Reviewed by Connie G.
When will NATHAN'S FRENCH FRIES ret to the bicentennial location. When you had them you couldn't keep them stocked

Opinions Costco in Santa Rosa (95407)

Reviewed by David E.
don't try the phone, unless you want to wait for a hang up

Opinions Walmart in Gettysburg (17325)

Reviewed by Sherry R.
This is a decent store. I've been going here for the past 7 years, since we moved into the area. Most employees have been there 7 years! The only thing I wish would change, I wish they could get a full grocery section, so I wouldn't have to travel to Carlisle for my grocery items.

Opinions GNC in New York City (10018)

Reviewed by Lee E.
Knowledgable and friendly staff. Love this store - I get my GNC Lean shakes there (lost 50 lbs) maintained goal for 2 years. Always convenient for me, and always a pleasure to go (for vitamins as well)!

Opinions Dairy Queen in Baytown (77521)

Reviewed by Perez S.
Rude and Very unprofessional workers.

Opinions Costco in Albany (97321)

Reviewed by Fort C.
satisfactory service and buying options; we have always been treated fairly. no over the top sales pitches, etc. Returns handled as promised.

Opinions Kmart in Stevens Point (54481)

Reviewed by Nancy C.
Sad it closing in Stevens Point WI.

Opinions Walgreens in Gig Harbor (98332)

Reviewed by Julie W.
WORST drive thru service EVER! Do NOT use EVER unless you want to wait 15 minutes PER car in front of you! !!! Don't do it.

Opinions Costco in Citrus Heights (95621)

Reviewed by Norma C. Brahe B.
My personal opinion is that you hire me. I have a degree, love working with people and follow orders like a well trained puppy dog. I submitted my application, on line - twice and in person. Norma Brahe. 916- 500-1776. This is my honest opinion.

Opinions Kmart in Mount Pleasant (29464)

Reviewed by KAREN S.
I grew up Kmart girl .was disappointed to see lot of them have closed. the closes one to me now is 2hrs away.AND WE'LL WORTH MY GAS AND TIME. THANK YOU.

Opinions Costco in Clifton (07014)

Reviewed by Maria V.
On October 30 2017 I was told at the cash register at the Clifton Costco that I could not charge two separate orders on my member card. I was told. by the Manager that it is the new rule that I can no longer charge separate purchases/it was 1 item/at the same time. This new policy is inconvenient. There should... read more

Opinions Costco in Eugene (97408)

Reviewed by Gail L.
Your pharmacy is unreliable. I call in a prescription and they tell me they need to get approval first. First, NO REQUEST FOR APPROVAL WAS EVER SENT FOR APPROVAL. THIS IS 100% BAD SERVICE!!!!!

Opinions Pearle Vision in East Elmhurst (11370)

Reviewed by Hector A.
VERY BAD SERVICES. I dropped a frame with a prescription and after made me wait for over a month, they I have to throw away the glasses that they made for me, then they offered me a pair of reading glasses that I had to throw away , very sloppy job. I give then 1 start because there is not... read more

Opinions Costco in Fremont (94538)

Reviewed by BK W.
A few days back while returning some merchandise at Costco, Fremont I mentioned to the customer service representative (Ryan Mestas) that the previous week we possibly had left a chocolate box at the counter. Ryan checked up and advised that no package was left. However as a special case (on a one time basis) he gave free box of chocolate.... read more

Opinions Walmart in East Falmouth (02536)

Reviewed by Alyssa H.
Toy section is very limited not a big selection at all.i thought maybe it was the times we went but shelves are almost empty Everytime we go, But store over all store is always very tidy and clean and the displays are very nice.

Opinions Best Wedding Ideas Photography and Cinematography in New York City (10028)

Reviewed by Morton M.
Hello! I want to share my impressions of working with a professional and most importantly affordable low-price photographer Michael King whom I found in New York! Everything went fine, the photos were excellent and very stylish! Inexpensive and high quality! I advise everyone!
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