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Walmart Tuckerton

Store's name : Walmart

Address & Contacts

3830 Tba
08087 Tuckerton

Opening Times

Monday 08:00am - 00:00am
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday CLOSED
Saturday CLOSED
Sunday 06:26am - 00:00am
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Walmart Tuckerton is usually open Sunday.

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  • Supermarket
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Opinions Walmart Tuckerton

report comment - 04/15/2016
I am trying to apply for a job at the new Walmart in Tuckerton - to open in July 2016. I cannot get to an application. I read in the paper that employees are needed in June for the store to open in July. Please help! I got a ride to the hiring address on Mathistown Rd., but they were only distributing papers with online code, but I can't do that.
report comment - 08/11/2016
I think the location of this store is just terrible planning! Horrible! This huge store located in a woodsy one lane area is just impossible to believe that this was actually allowed. Do you realize the dangers that this can do? The animals, (losing their homes, being limited in smaller areas) the traffic, the trucks making deliveries, etc.....THIS IS INSANE! Someone got paid off very well here. The extra traffic is not something this little town needs, especially on one lane roads. Money always works. Sad, very sad.
report comment - 11/29/2017
I started an order which included a Samsung Galaxy cell phone for $49.99 with #35 off for creating a new account. There were also grocery items. Now, I can't get into my account after getting help from "Honey" an agent, who helped me create an account. My password keeps getting rejected.


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